social media managerCan’t manage your company Social network sites? Don`t know what to do with SEO of your Website? Do you want to see your business on the first page of the Google search above of your competitors?

Google AdWords Certified Professional, SEO strategist, and Social media manager will help you. 

Open for a remote contract or full-time position anywhere in the world. Ready to frequently visit the office in Ontario or Midwestern United States.

SEO Strategist

Do you want to have the same result of optimizing your company’s website? Contact me now.

(The result of optimizing the client’s website after the first month of my work. Screenshot from Google analytics)

Google AdWords specialist

The result of the analysis of keywords, the demographic group of customers, geographic area and many other factors when setting up Google AdWords campaign. The result after first 24 hours of the new campaign running.

Do you want to have the same result? Contact me now.

Hire me  – Social Media manager, Google Certified Specialist, and SEO strategist to promote your company on the Internet and you will receive the entire marketing department “in one package” that includes:

  • Graphics designer

  • Web designer/web developer

  • Video designer

  • SEO strategist

  • Digital marketing specialist

  • Social media manager

social media managerThe level of my qualifications as a SEO Strategist and Social Media Manager and experience is confirmed by certification from Google.
List of certificates below

  • Google Analytics Qualification Certificate

  • Google AdWords Search Certificate

  • Google AdWords Display Certificate

  • Google AdWords Video Certificate

social media manager

Besides. As a social media manager and SEO Specialist I can work from my office in Toronto and visit the office of the company if necessary. Your company will additionally save on office space, computer technology and software.
The estimated savings for an average company are more than 1,000,000 a year.

social media manager

Do ou have no social networks at all or do you not update them regularly?  Ask me “Can I afford not to be present in social networks?”

The answer is simple – NO! If you want to keep your business and keep up with the competition, you have to be there.
The incredible growth in popularity of social networking and Social Media manager job in the last couple of years, like an explosion. Despite this, many managers and business owners do not understand why their presence in social networks is so important and why they have to hire a social media manager.


Just some of the ways social media marketing can improve your business:

  •  Increased Brand Recognition. This is important because it makes you easier and more accessible for new customers.

  • More Opportunities to Convert. Every new post on social networks, this is a new opportunity to turn a visitor into a buyer.

  • Higher conversion rates. By creating a more human feeling Social media marketing results in higher conversion rates. More trust – more conversions

  • Better Search Engine Rankings. Google and other search engines calculating their rankings using social media presence as a significant factor

social media managerLooking for a way to promote your business? Then we would suggest considering our SEO optimization, Online marketing, social media marketing and internet marketing service. Most customers say they find websites with regularly updated social media and integrated  YouTube Videos more trustworthy as they social media sites and videos make information easier to perceive.

Our Social Media marketing, Video SEO, YouTube Video Marketing and Advertising service we’ll make sure your target audience can find you.

Your local SEO strategist, digital marketing specialist, social media marketing and internet marketing consultant in  just One Call Away !

social media manger






What suits your business most? No matter what your choices are, here are 3 steps that will bring your business to a new level...


What suits your business most? No matter what your choices are, here are 3 steps that will bring your business to a new level...


What suits your business most? No matter what your choices are, here are 3 steps that will bring your business to a new level...